Ricardo Regidor

Ricardo Regidor is a Spanish Jazz pianist and teacher at the jazz institute of the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Besides his solo piano program he plays in latin-jazz, salsa, flamenco-jazz, tango, pop, gospel and soul-bands


Born in Valencia (Spain), moved to Switzerland in 1978

Jazz School Lucerne, teacher at the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences since 1999

„Ricardo Regidor Trio“, tours in Switzerland and Spain

Concerts with Joseph Bowie, Kevin Mahogany, Christy Doran, Peter Schärli, Fredy Studer, Hämi Hämmerli, Harald Haerter, Roberto Bossard, Jan Brönnimann and others

Tour in Croatia with the Erik Steen’s Flamenco Jazz Quartet (SWE), with Björn Meyer and Andi Pupato

Musical director and pianist of the European Tour Bands from Eddie Floyd, Rufus Thomas William Bell and others. Several tours in Europe.

Member of the Fernando Saunders Band, concert with Lou Reed, several tours mostly in Czech Republic and Poland

Different Salsa bands in Cuba, Germany and Switzerland

For 10 years pianist of the chanson duo „Hösli und Ricardo“. Several recordings, among others „Blau“, recorded in New York. Documentary „blau“ in Swiss cinemas (2005, Norbert Wiedmer, Stefan Kälin)

Theater music for the Lucerne theater (Geld und Geist) and for Ecco Rondo. Jingles for Swiss Television and Radio.

Regular solo pianist at Lucerne Piano Festival „Off Stage“

Berlin tour with „Zaratan“ (gipsy jazz and Eastern European music)

Concerts with flamenco guitar player Luis „Calderito“

Montreux Jazz Festival, Antwerpen Diamond Awards, Open Air St Gallen, MIDEM Cannes, New Orleans Festival Bad Hersfeld (Germany), American Black Music Festival Palermo and others




19.06. Latin Music Talks – Ricardo Regidor

22.06. Gastdozent an UNSAM (Argentinien) zu kubanischer Musik 1950

24.06. Gastdozent an Humboldt Universität zu Berlin – Der Tango

29.06. Gastdozent an UNSAM (Argentinien) zu kubanischer Musik ab 1950

Sept.   Latin-Workshops Tallinn & Vilnius – in Estonian and Lithuanian Academies of Music and Theatre


13.7.  Duo Julio Azcano / Ricardo Regidor

14.7. Jazztage Lenk – Pocket Jukebox

9.9. 20.9 Latin-Workshops, Tallinn & Vilnius, Estonian and Lithuanian Academies of Music and Theatre

19.10. Hafenfrauenlieder – Alexandra Prusa, Kleinbühne Kultur Neuenkirch

9.11. Workshop für Musikschullehrende: Música Argentina, Musikschule Balsthal

21.1. Psycho Salsa, Jazzkantine Luzern

21.2. Borges 1974 (Buenos Aires, ARG), in Trio with Juan Pablo Navarro & Sergio Beresovsky

23.2. Vicente el Absurdo Fonda Club (Buenos Aires, ARG), in Trio with Juan Pablo Navarro & Sergio Beresovsky


The new Latin Music Talks project consists of talks or presentations with didactic content, sometimes “mini-masterclasses”, usually with guests from the Latin music field. During the Talks participants will have the opportunity to ask questions or interact in some way – just listening and learning is allowed as well. Participation is free of charge.

Guests will be: Jose Braide, Luis Calderito Ruiz García y Paqui Redondo Diaz, Carlos Cerignale, Demian Coca, Santiago Giordano, Yuri Juárez, Friederike Jurth, Jean Pierre Magnet, Manongo Mujica, Ricardo Nudelman, Ricardo Ricky Nuñez, Pipi Piazzolla, Andrés Pilar, Hernán Possetti, Violeta Ramos, Paula Suárez, Juan Steiner, Leda Torres, Patricio Villarejo, Pedro Viscomi, Eva Wolff, David Yuka

The Zoom links will not be published. To participate, please request the link sending an email (subject: Zoom Link for Latin Music Talk) to ricardo.regidor@hslu.ch.

19.06. Latin Music Talks – Ricardo Regidor

03.08. Latin Music Talks – Luis Calderito & Paqui Redondo Diaz (ESP)

11.09. at 3pm CEST Latin Music Talks –  Juan Pablo Navarro (ARG): Tango groove from Salgan and Piazzolla to our days

22.09. 4:45pm CEST Latin Music TalksHernán Possetti (ARG): Tango — Rhythm and Expression

13.10. at 3pm CEST Latin Music Talks – Juan Steiner (URU): Candombe; Afrouruguayan music in percussion, piano and arrangements

17.10. at 5:30 pm CEST Latin Music Talks – Susana Baca (PER): New record and afroperuvian music

22.10. at 3pm CEST Latin Music Talks – Pipi Piazzolla (ARG): Evolution of Tango Drumming

06.11. Latin Music TalksYuri Juárez (PER): The guitar in afroperuvian music

26.11. at 14:00 CEST Latin Music TalksPatricia Barone (ARG): How to sing Tango

11.12. at 13:00 Cest Latin Music TalksVioleta Ramos (ARG/PRY): Panorama of folkloric music in Paraguay

This project is a collaboration of the following music colleges and universities: Lucerne University of Music, UDK Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre, UNSAM Buenos Aires, Lithuanian Academy for Music and Theatre, Royal Conservatory The Hague and Centre for Jazz Performance Studies at Dublin City.

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